Suzanne, 60s

Severe arthritis in all of my joints and moderate osteoporosis in my hips prevented me from wanting to be active. I had to keep moving because once I sat to relax, getting up was an uncomfortable and painful struggle. Also, I had begun working out and gained six pounds of muscle, causing my clothes to fit uncomfortably. I needed a new diet to rid myself of excess fat, so my clothes would fit again.

My body no longer hurts 24/7 since I began fascia stretching with Johnny. Being stretched three times a week has vastly increased my flexibility and eased the tightness in my body from workouts and everyday movements that caused injury. My joints , connective tissue, and muscles, function with increased range of motion. In combination with training, closely coordinated with the the fascia stretching, my constant injuries have greatly reduced, and subsequently I am pain free. My endurance has boosted. My workouts have improved. My balance has improved. My core feels stronger. The stretching and resisting seems to open up my blood circulation. Since there is a great emphasis on breathing, I have finally learned how to breathe correctly, and feel stronger and younger. I often feel like I’m floating during these sessions and the breathing enhances a drug free high. An added aside is the immense amount of stress that is relieved and consequently I feel physiologically and psychologically more complete. The overall feeling at the end of EVERY session is deep relaxation and rejuvenation. With the diet Johnny suggested for me—low carbs and more protein, while I didn’t lose a pound, my clothes fit me again.   

Johnny is a god with his techniques used in stretching. I have come to prefer fascia stretching over regular massage. In combination with workouts, I have NEVER FELT SO GOOD IN MY LIFE!!!