Stacy, 30s

Johnny and I have been co workers for almost seven years and not only do I get the benefit of working beside him, I also get the benefit of having him as a great friend.

I have never met someone who is so enthralled in learning and improving than Johnny. Over the years he has attended countless seminars across the country, and online and is always creating new ways to implement what he learns with his clients and co workers. This type of drive and motivation has motivated me over the years to follow suite and also expand my knowledge of our ever changing field of fitness. Johnny’s passion for improvement in all areas of his life is clear to see and his clients and those close to him reap the rewards.

Personally, Johnny has helped me create new programs to help me reach my goals both physically and professionally. Everyone sees things differently and I always appreciate his help and his insight on things; fitness, nutrition and life related. Johnny and I work so well together that some of my clients are also his clients. Collaborating with him and his additional skills helps me to provide the best service to my/our clients.

I look forward to more shared learning from each other!