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If you want to achieve optimal health and fitness, Johnny Gillespie’s passion to educate, coach and motivate his clients will get you there.

Individual & Small Group Training

Johnny can work together with you alone or as a part of a small group (usually two people) to help you achieve a healthier body whether you are training for athletic performance or wanting to take your mobility, flexibility, or body composition to the next level.

Expert Coaching - Motivating You Forward

Getting the results you want requires building healthy habits, developing a better relationship with food, and optimizing your training through diet, consistency and accountability.

Ready to go to the Next Level?

Johnny Gillespie is ready to work together with you to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals. Contact him today!

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About Johnny

Johnny Gillespie is a Functional Fitness Trainer and Fascial Stretch Therapist who works with motivated individuals to become strong, healthy and pain-free. After nearly a decade of working with hundreds of men and women, ages ranging from 14 to 87, Johnny has experience with increasing strength, building muscle, burning fat, and improving mobility and flexibility.

Johnny graduated from Portland State University (PSU) with a double major in Leadership Management and Human Resources Management and has continued his education with many of the leading companies in the health and fitness industry including; Poliquin Group, Stretch To Win, and Precision Nutrition.

Originally from Oregon, Johnny enjoys taking advantage of the better weather California has to offer. Some of his hobbies include drumming, archery and spending time at the beach with his wife and two Boston Terriers.