Kim,  60s

I have struggled with injuries, lack of motivation, and inconsistency in doing and level of effort in my workouts. I had good nutrition, however, what I was eating was inefficient and not providing me with the fuel to gain muscle and lose body fat. Although receiving training from another personal trainer, I was not progressing enough in gaining strength, stamina and endurance, plus injuries plagued me which interfered in my progress.

Johnny’s fascia stretching has helped with my injuries so much, plus I have gained an understanding about the causes of my injuries and how to keep from injuring myself again. Although injured, he provided me with alternate exercises and guidance. I have better and more efficient nutrition, which is helping me gain lean body mass and lose inches. My strength, stamina and endurance has drastically improved so I look forward to pushing myself harder in the gym. 

I now have better self-esteem, and am empowered to do my best and beyond in my workouts. Increased stamina and strength. My Mobility and balance has greatly improved which is important in my age bracket. I really enjoy the support from and interactions with others in group training. He is a big part of that because he motivates and encourages us to work together as a team.

Johnny is fabulous! I wish others in my age group understood how important nutrition, strength and conditioning is to overall fitness and how they feel about themselves.