Jacque, 30s

Consistency has always been a struggle for me; but I’m thankful for the workouts that Johnny creates because they are designed for consistency, growth, and taking on new challenges.

After spending many years as a long-distance runner, then developing severe arthritis in my right foot, it was difficult for me to find a new workout routine that was both super challenging and comfortable enough with the arthritis pain. Johnny’s workouts have been the perfect balance between the two; additionally, I appreciate the times when he helps me to modify exercises if I’m having a particularly tough day with the arthritis pain. This helps to keep me motivated, consistent, and in a positive place.  

Workouts with Johnny have helped me stay on track, increased my strength/form, and have been a complete stress reliever. 

It is very clear that Johnny puts a lot of time, thought, and effort into creating each and every workout. Workouts that I would have never attempted on my own; and I am truly thankful for his efforts.