Poliquin Supplements

The Poliquin™ line features a variety of high-quality supplements including vitamins, minerals, workout and performance products, and other unique, targeted blends to support health and wellness. Our products are formulated based on scientific research, and only the finest and most beneficial ingredients are selected. We take quality very seriously, and we always meet or exceed the FDA GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) which ensure the quality, purity, and authenticity of dietary supplements. Efficacy is also a top priority, and a great deal of research and analysis goes into the formulation of our products. The goal of the Poliquin line is to provide an array of nutritional options that provide support for the body’s intricate systems and natural processes that promote good health.

Foundation 5


Insulin Support




Cortisol Support


Estrogen Support



Inflammation Support


poliquin-biosig-logoDisclaimer: Nutrition Scaled receives compensation from the Poliquin Group when you purchase any of their supplements on their website through the above links.

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