Michael, 40s

I’ve struggled with knee pain and strength building most of my life. The knee pain started young due to excessive running and bad biomechanics. It’s caused a start-and-stop cycle of fitness rather than continuously working toward consistent health.

After 5 years of work with Johnny, my knee pain is essentially nonexistent and does not slow me down. I am the strongest I have ever been and capable of feats I did not know I could do. I am able to run for a half-marathon now, something I never thought I would do.  

Consistent strength training has taught me to make reasonable goals and taught me more about health and nutrition than even an education at UCSD in Biochemistry did. Despite being older than most of my friends, I am healthier than many of them, getting sick less often and less prone to injury.

Johnny’s techniques and approaches to fitness are constantly evolving. It is a joy to talk and learn from him as we work together. As a long term client, I have seen firsthand how much research and training he does to improve for his clients. Even after 5 years, he still surprises me with new workout plans and exercises.